Helicopter Competition Rules

The club holds two helicopter flying competitions a year.

Points are awarded with 2 point splits between places until all places or points have been depleted:

  • 1st - 50 points
  • 2nd - 48 points
  • 3rd - 46 points

All points awarded for helicopter flying competitions are accumulated to decide the overall winner who will be presented with a trophy.

In the event of a tie, pilots will perform the last event again.


General Rules

  1. The judge for any reason can withdraw any of the events in the competition.
  2. There will be a brief before each event so that entrants what they have to do. Any questions should be asked then.
  3. The organisers (inc. R&DMFC) are not responsible for any damage caused to the entrant's helicopters.
  4. Everyone is responsible for safety.
  5. The judge has the right to refuse entry and to disqualify anyone from the competition.
  6. Entrants do not have to enter every event.
  7. The judge's decision is final.
  8. R&DMFC rules also apply.
  9. By paying the £1 entry fee the entrant agrees to these rules.
  10. Entrants must use the same model for each event.



With the exception of the 60 second hover and auto spot landing, the following hadicapping will apply:

  • Novice - No time handicap
  • 'A' Certificate - 10 second handicap
  • 'B' Certificate - 20 second handicap


Note that the judge is entitled to apply a handicap to a flyer who is capable of achieving a higher certificate. The judge's decision is final.


The Events


The events are held in pairs as per:

  1. Hover for 60 Seconds and Skittle Parking Bays
  2. Slalom and Skittles
  3. Air lift and More Parking
  4. Ball and Chain and Catch a Duck
  5. Pop a Balloon and Hovering Dribbling
  6. Obstacle Course and Hurdles.
  7. Mix it Up - a mixture of popping balloons, obstacle course, slalom and hurdles.



Hover for 60 Seconds

The pilot must land the helicopter as close to 60 seconds as possible. The first time the helicopter touches the ground the timer stops. In the event of a tie there will be a fly-off.


Skittle Parking Bay

The pilot must hover forward into each bay, in sequence and knock the skittle over before reverse hovering out and flying into the next bay or landing on the finish mat (after the 4th skittle is knocked over). In it is not necessary to land in each bay.

Diagram of Skittle Parking Bays

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The pilot can fly around the markers in any way they want as long as they come back around the markers on the opposite side. The pilot is allowed to walk along with the helicopter and can point it in any direction as long as it gets around the markers.

Diagram of Slalom Course



The skittles must be knocked down in the order as shown in the diagram before landing on the mat. If a skittle is knocked over in the wrong order, there will be a 10 second penalty. The pilot will be eliminated if 3 skittles are knocked over in the wrong order. Novices can knock the skittles over in any order.

Diagram of Skittles Course

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Pick up the items from Zone 1 and drop it in Zone 2. Fly back and land on the mat. If the object is dropped during flight or are not dropped in the 1m square, the pilot must land on the start/finish mat while the 'picky up thing' is placed back in its starting zone.

Diagram of Airlift Course


More Parking

The pilot must start in Zone 2, take off and land in Zone 2 with the nose of the helicopter pointing towards the centre marker. The pilot must take off from Zone 2 and land in Zone 3 with the nose of the helicopter pointing towards the centre marker. The pilot must take off from Zone 3 and land in Zone 4 with the nose of the helicopter pointing towards the centre marker. The helicopter must land in each zone pointing within 45 degrees of the centre marker as shown in the diagram below. The event is timed from the take off in Zone 1 to the landing in Zone 4.

Diagram of More Parking Course

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Ball and Chain 

The helicopter will take off from the starting point and drag a ball around a course. The timer will start when the helicopter lifts off the ground. The timer will stop when the helicopter passes the finish line or if the ball leaves the ground. In this case the helicopter will be reset to the starting point then the timer will continue when the helicopter lifts off again.


Catch a Duck

Pick up as many ducks as you can in 60 seconds.

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Popping Balloons

The helicopter must pop as many balloons as possible in 90 seconds. The helicopter will take off from the starting lane and proceed to pop as many balloons with a pin attached to a pole in front of the helicopter.


Helicopter Dribbling

The helicopter must fly around pushing a ball into a goal.

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Obstacle Course

The helicopter must knock over the cones in the quickest time possible. A 10 second penalty for each missed code. For B Certificate holders some of the cones will be raised off the ground. Another 5 seconds per cone will be added for not attempting to knock over any cones.



The helicopter will fly around a course flying over or under the obstacles.

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