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Interested in becoming a flyer? Want to know how best to begin?

The best place to start is by going to meet the club and the flyers either at the North Cliffs field and at our Monthly meetings. Our club members are more than willing to give you plenty of invaluable advice or show you want it's all about. If you are still interested then join us!

Beginners would also find computer flight simulators very helpful. There are a number of purpose designed systems on the market which plug into the back of a standard PC, and these use either your own RC transmitter, or a dedicated controller to give a realistic simulations of flying model helicopters and planes. By using these simulators the beginner is able to advance quite quickly because this allows practice at home without worrying about the weather or expensive repair bills!

Many flyers make use of simulators for fun or practice. Whilst they don't make up for the real thing they do help with some of the basics, like reversed controls when flying towards you.

If you are thinking of learning to fly helicopters, then a simulator is a very good place to start.

Whilst most simulators can be controlled with the keyboard/mouse/gamepad or joystick, the ultimate controller is of course your very own transmitter. Leads can be purchased or made up to suit your brand, just remember to remove the crystal before turning it on!

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