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FAQs - Getting Started

Interested in becoming a flyer? Want to know how best to begin?

The best place to start is by going to meet the club and the flyers either at the North Cliffs field and at our Monthly meetings. Our club members are more than willing to give you plenty of invaluable advice or show you want it's all about. If you are still interested then join us!

The best way to start is with a high wing trainer. Trainers can be purchased in ARTF form (almost ready to fly) In other words the box comes with the fuselage, wings, and tail already built. All that is necessary to do is join the wings together, glue the tail, fit the undercarriage, and install the engine and radio equipment.

The club instructors will advise on a suitable model, engine etc. A transmitter, receiver, servos and a battery are the main items needed to control the plane. These usually come as a package, but can be bought separately. There are many makes and you need to choose one that suits your plane, but our experienced club members can give you advice on what type to choose.

Other items need to be purchases such as a flight box for your equipment and appropriate fuel for your engine. If you use a nitro engine, you'll need a starting method (probably an electric starter and a glow stick) and some method of getting fuel into the plane.

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